Friday 24 November 2017

Police officer sees the dead funny side after stopping 'zombies' on M62

The actors were on their way back from working as extras on the set of Dead Town, an online sitcom set in Runcorn
The actors were on their way back from working as extras on the set of Dead Town, an online sitcom set in Runcorn

A police officer was left in stitches when he pulled over a driver at the centre of an assault report, only to find two "zombie" pensioners.

Steve Lowe and Diane Holden, of Ashton-under-Lyne in Greater Manchester, were on their way back from a day filming the online zombie comedy Dead Town on Sunday afternoon when they were stopped by the unmarked vehicle.

Police had been called to the area on the M62 shortly before 6pm by a panicked caller who believed they had seen a man assaulting a woman in the car.

When they arrived they were surprised to see the perfectly ordinary pair in their gory costumes, complete with fake blood and white contact lenses.

Mr Lowe, 60, said: "What happened was we were filming all day and there was nowhere for us to get changed, so we just got in the car and thought nothing of it.

"I don't know where the assault report came from, but an unmarked police vehicle pulled us over just as we were getting home.

"We wound down the window and when the officer saw us he burst out laughing. He asked to take a picture because no-one would believe him back at the station."

The charity volunteer, who occasionally dresses up for zombie-themed charity events with his friend, Mrs Holden, said he was overwhelmed to see that the picture had gone viral on social media in just a few hours.

He said: " This has really been our 15 minutes of fame. I've been playing drums for 40 years and I never once got my name in the paper. Put on a zombie costume and we're splashed all over the internet."

But this is not the first time the Dead Town team have unleashed their gruesome cast members on the public.

Writer and director Peter Mckeirnon, 37, told Wish FM: "One guy once drove back to the Wirral with his eye hanging out."

After seeing the story with the picture of his cast members posted on social media platforms in Australia, he added: "It's all gone completely bonkers."

North West Motorway Police posted its photo of the duo on Twitter, saying: "report of female being assaulted on M62, vehicle stopped pair of extras making to a job - posing as Zombies - takes all sorts."

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