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Police find drugs hidden in box labelled ‘not dope’

The cunning label was not enough to throw police off the scent.


‘Is too’ (Ironton Police Department)

‘Is too’ (Ironton Police Department)

‘Is too’ (Ironton Police Department)

An attempt to keep drugs hidden away by keeping them in a box labelled “not dope” proved unsuccessful as police swooped on the suspicious object.

The box was found in a library in Ironton, Ohio, and when police opened it up they found it contained a loaded syringe and methamphetamine.

Ironton Police Department wrote on Facebook: “On first appearance one would obviously think this was anything other than a container of illegal drugs.

“The unknown owner (as of now at least) had the brilliant idea to write ‘Not Dope’ on the cover of the container, as if this would throw off law enforcement in the event their stash was discovered.

“Upon opening the box it was quickly evident that the owner must have confused his boxes. A loaded syringe and meth was found inside.”

While the crude attempt to disguise the contents of the box was undoubtedly comical, police pointed out there was a serious side to the discovery coming, as it did, in a library.

They wrote: “In all seriousness can you imagine what could have happened had a child discovered this innocuous looking box?”

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