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PMQs saw a fiery slanging match between Theresa May and the SNP's Angus Robertson


Robertson accused May of breaking promises to secure UK-wide Brexit agreements.

Prime Minister’s Questions hosted a fiery slanging match between Theresa May and the Scottish National Party’s Angus Robertson, after he called her out on the Budget and Brexit.

The MP sparked conversation after addressing the backtrack on a proposed National Insurance hike, saying: “We once had a prime minister who said the lady was not for turning. My goodness. Isn’t it welcome that the prime minister today has admitted she is for turning with her screeching, embarrassing U-turn on National Insurance?”

This, in case you were wondering, was her reaction…

Robertson continued to press May on Brexit, accusing her of breaking promises to secure UK-wide Brexit agreements, before triggering Article 50 at the end of the month.

May – insisting there would indeed be further talks – hit back and said the MP was comparing the UK’s 40-year membership with the European Union with a country that has been one for over 300 years.

She added: “We have fought together, we have worked together, we have achieved together. Constitutional game-playing must not be allowed to break the deep bonds of our shared history and our future together.”

Robertson was ready to strike back, insisting May was still refusing to address Brexit negotiations, saying: “The Prime Minister can wag her finger as much as she likes.

“Does she not understand if she does not reach an agreement before triggering Article 50, if she is not prepared to negotiate on behalf of the Scottish Government and secure membership of the single European market, people in Scotland will have a referendum and we will have our say?”

To end the slanging match, May concluded the UK Government had been in discussions with the Scottish Government and other devolved administrations about the interests of all.

She added: “What we need now is to unite, to come together as a country and to ensure we can get the best deal for the whole of the United Kingdom.”

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