Wednesday 18 September 2019

People who have had their hearing restored are sharing what sounds shocked them

Bees, hoovers and the sound of rain.

(ELizabethHoffmann/Getty Images)
(ELizabethHoffmann/Getty Images)

By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

We’ve all watched those heartwarming videos of people hearing for the first time thanks to a cochlear implant or hearing aid.

Now people are sharing the sounds that surprised them when their hearing was restored.

Redditor linkman0596 asked fellow users: “Redditors who were born deaf but had your hearing restored, what sounds nothing like what you expected?”

Judging from the varied responses, seemingly innocuous things to those who have always been able to hear make noises you wouldn’t expect or are louder than you had anticipated.

Things like preparing food or general household tasks feel different.

Nature is pretty darn loud.

It turns out flatulence is a big shocker for some.

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