Saturday 15 December 2018

People can’t get over this dog who prefers lettuce to bacon

“Respect vegans please.”

Bambi the Yorkshire Terrier went for the vegetarian option (@lexusmperezz/PA)
Bambi the Yorkshire Terrier went for the vegetarian option (@lexusmperezz/PA)

By Grace Rahman, Press Association

Bambi the Yorkshire Terrier isn’t like most dogs.

Her owner, 18-year-old Lexus Perez, offered her a scrap of bacon and a chunk of lettuce, and Bambi went for the lettuce.

Some people thought the dog was just choosing the halal option.

A lot of people seemed to think the dog was vegan and shouldn’t be mocked for it.

Perhaps Bambi is just particularly health conscious.

She’s just trying to watch her weight.

Most people are trying to be a little healthier in the new year and this adorable pooch is no different.

Others thought she was working on her beach bod.

Maybe she just really likes vegetables. When given the choice, she also went for carrots over peanut butter.

Lexus, who’s a make-up artist in New York, said she didn’t know why her rescue pup preferred the healthier option.

“I’ve had for almost a year so I’m still learning about her,” she said.

Whatever the reasons behind Bambi’s choice, she’s got some brand new vegan fans.

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