Thursday 26 April 2018

People are sharing their worst wedding stories and they range from the shocking to the hilarious

Get ready to cringe.

By Prudence Wade

Weddings are often memorable in more ways than one. Sure, you might immediately think of the couple’s first dance or their moving vows… or, conversely, you could instead think of the shocking behaviour of one of the wedding guests.

There always seems to be one person who accidentally has a few too many and does something particularly awkward.

Showing that there is no shortage of cringeworthy stories, people took to Reddit to share their memories of the worst behaviour they’ve ever seen at a wedding – and here they are (some are edited for brevity).

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The sartorial faux-pas

“My step grandmother wore her wedding dress to my mom’s wedding” – peeingclitoris

The worst possible scenario

“At my brother’s wedding his bride’s ex-husband showed up uninvited, drunk, and several of us had to escort him quickly out of the church since it was obvious he came to ruin the ceremony” – namesareemptynoise

The big whoops

“I photographed a wedding back in 2015, wherein during his speech at the reception, the best man inadvertently revealed to the 200+ guests that the bride was pregnant. Up until that point, only a very select few people knew. The look of pure rage/shock/embarrassment she gave him was staggering” – shaoting

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The scene-stealer

“At my friends wedding one of her friends ended up proposing to his girlfriend. It was the best way to take attention from the bride and groom and put it onto yourself. Kinda ruined the bride’s day” – Rumble_bot

The underage drinker

“The bride’s maid of honour was her sister, who was underage at the time, and her speech consisted of: ‘(Groom’s name) is fine. I mainly liked him because he always buys me beer.’ That was her entire speech” – chlo2k

The unsubtle judgement

“My cousin was walking down the aisle and my mother ‘whispered’ to me: ‘Do you think her boobs are real?’ People three rows ahead of us looked back at us, so it wasn’t a quiet whisper” – MysteryMeat101

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The wannabe bridesmaid

“At a friend’s wedding one of the groom’s relatives was upset that their daughter wasn’t asked to be a bridesmaid, so dressed the daughter in a bridesmaid dress anyway” – stewbacca260

The oddly threatening

“My uncle waved a knife around drunkenly ranting in Chinese then threw a microphone at the wedding cake” – YeOldeHotDog

The unacceptable colleague

“My drunk fucker of a coworker swiped his finger through our wedding cake for a taste before we even cut it” – Ubermensch_

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The terrible friend

“My wife’s maid of honour intentionally made ugly faces in all of the wedding photos she appeared in, so as to ruin them for my wife” – omicron_IL

The indecent exposure

“I work security for a popular hotel chain. A week ago we had a wedding. The hotel I work at has a glass elevator, and one of the guests decided it was a good idea to pull his penis out (riding the elevator) and point his junk at a family walking by” – blindmandefdog

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