Tuesday 17 September 2019

People are sharing stories of the coolest thing their mums have done

‘She swam from the mainland to Hong Kong to get away from the Communists’

A mother playing with her children (Liderina/Getty Images)
A mother playing with her children (Liderina/Getty Images)

By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

Twitter users are showing off how brilliant their mums are by posting stories of their coolest moments.

It all started on Mother’s Day in the US when user @3rdperiodsuits asked people for their favourite tales.

Stories piled in relating to overcoming health issues, being a dedicated cheerleader and all manner of motherly and not-so-motherly triumphs.

These mothers emerged victorious from tragedy.

Others were completely selfless in helping others.

There was also room for humour in the Twitter thread.

These mothers chased their dreams later in life.

This woman achieved one hell of a feat to start a new life.

Mums really are the best.

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