Monday 19 August 2019

People are revealing which aspects of British culture confuse them most

From tea to queuing, non-British people are confessing what confuses them the most.

Tea with milk confuses some people (Anthony Devlin/PA)
Tea with milk confuses some people (Anthony Devlin/PA)

By Emily Chudy, Press Association

From tea to politeness, British culture has a lot of unique quirks that can be confusing for people in the rest of the world.

Reddit user RoryJN7 asked non-British people on the website for the things that baffled them the most about UK culture, and their answers didn’t disappoint.

Here are 11 of the best, that you might have questioned before yourself…

1. British people are mostly very polite.

2. Washing your hands becomes a brush with pain.

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3. Baked beans are a diet-staple.

4. This common question can baffle people.

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5. Depending on where you’re from, all dessert is “pudding”.

6. We drive on an odd side of the road.

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7. Pub-goers love ale.

8. The British love a good cup of tea.

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9. Which do you think is the correct pronunciation?

10. Digestives are delicious.

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11. Lastly, Britain’s football chants get a mention.

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