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People are revealing their best secret superpower ideas – and some are amazing

What would you choose if you were allowed a superpower but had to keep it completely secret?


(Rawpixel/Getty Images)

(Rawpixel/Getty Images)

(Rawpixel/Getty Images)

Many superheroes have secret identities, but if your life depended on you keeping your abilities hidden, what would you choose?

Reddit user bobdragon_27 debated this conundrum, asking people on the website: “You’re given one superpower, however if ANYONE finds out you instantly die. What’s your superpower and why?”

Here are 11 of the best completely secret superpowers.

1. This one would be incredibly useful.

2. The power to pick up any skill.

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3. You could avoid mean people like the plague.

4. You could cheat to your heart’s content.

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5. This one would be… sort of useful?

6. Being able to change yourself very subtly.

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7. You could make perfect snacks with your power…

8. Or become incredibly healthy.

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9. Find a rocket scientist and shake their hand!

10. You could disguise your power as another power?

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11. Lastly, the ability to make any job interview go really well.

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