Sunday 24 March 2019

People are remembering Harambe two years on from his death

The shooting of the popular gorilla was felt around the world.

(MarkusBeck/Getty Images)
(MarkusBeck/Getty Images)

By Isabel Togoh, Press Association

It’s two years since Harambe died tragically at Cincinatti Zoo, and Twitter users are remembering the great ape.

The death of the western lowland gorilla, who was shot to death the day after his 17th birthday, made headlines around the world and left the zoo devastated.

It happened after a three-year-old boy climbed into his enclosure and was grabbed by Harambe. Fearing for the toddler’s life, zookeepers made the decision to shoot and kill the gorilla.

The event sparked widespread debate about zoo safety and care of animals in close proximity to humans.

Controversially, the gorilla lived on as perhaps the longest-surviving meme in recent history, with reincarnations to this day.

Harambe was born in Gladys Porter zoo in Brownsville, Texas, in May 1999. He was named by local councillor Dan Van Coppenolle after the 1988 Rita Marley song “Harambe (Working Together for Freedom).

Last September, the zoo welcomed Mshindi, a 29-year-old western lowland gorilla who joined female gorillas Chewie and Mara.

A new indoor habitat has also been built.

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