Saturday 24 August 2019

People are putting unlikely soundtracks to a video of the New York Jets’ on-field dancing

They weren’t celebrating, they just liked the song.

New York Jets running back
New York Jets running back

By Kameron Virk

American football is more than capable of entertaining, as the huge crowds that watch the sport each week show. But its stop-start nature can turn some people away.

Well, those people have clearly never watched the New York Jets, because breaks in play are certainly not boring when they’re around.

The Jets’ defence turned the field into a dancefloor when Lil Uzi Vert’s 444+222 came on with just minutes of the game remaining in the fourth quarter, and have become very popular for it.

Every defensive player on the field had something to contribute and people on social media spotted an opportunity in their moves.

The hashtag #JetsDanceToAnything was born, and Darude’s classic song Sandstorm was always going to be one of the chosen songs.

But it wasn’t just ridiculously upbeat songs that people set to the Jets’ dancing.

Nor was it even songs that had necessarily featured on the charts.

The hashtag really took off and, with Christmas now just over a month away, there was always going to be one of these.

The series of videos is definitely a rabbit hole.

Given that the Jets ended up winning the match against the Buffalo Bills 34-21, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to find out the dancing carried on into the changing room.

Let’s hope those videos see the light of day.

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