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People are discussing things they do that everyone else finds totally disgusting

You wouldn’t believe what some people do with tomato ketchup…





Disgust is a very personal thing – what my seem utterly repulsive to one person may be totally normal to another.

Reddit user steals-from-kids went on the hunt for examples with the question: “What’s something you happily do that others would think is the grossest thing ever?”

Here are some of the best.

1. The ketchup addict

From Reddit user DukeOfCheddar: “I have an aunt who eats ketchup on everything. Everything. Everything.

“On corn on the cob. As salad dressing. Ketchup sandwiches. She warms it in the microwave and pours it over ice cream. I’ve watched her squirt ketchup on a slice of watermelon, dip apple slices in it, and use it instead of tomato sauce on pizzas. The worst is her “ketchup soup” which is a can of Campbell’s tomato soup, ketchup, and sliced onions.

“The more repulsed her audience becomes, the more gleefully she scarfs it down. Blech.

“Regarding the ice cream – she microwaves the ketchup until it darkens and thickens, and says the taste is similar to balsamic vinegar, not that this makes it any better.”

2. The off-duty optician

From Reddit user ChenzyHouse: “If someone is having issues trying to get their contacts out, I’ll do it for them. I used to work for an optician teaching people how to get them in an out, so It’s normal for me.

“Other friends freak the f*** out at the thought of going near someone’s eyeball.”

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3. The fish sauce guzzler

From Reddit user citabel: “Anytime i cook something Asian with fish sauce in it, i usually drink a few drops of it. Just sprinkle the bottle above my mouth after i’ve put it in the dish. I think it tastes good by itself. However, an old roomate saw me do this and he thought it was repulsive.”

4. The skin peeler

From Reddit user Penya23: If I see someone is peeling from a sunburn, it takes every ounce of my being to not beg them to let me do it for them. I love grabbing that little piece of skin and then just pulling it to see how big a piece I can remove before it breaks.”

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5. The toucher of vomit

From Reddit user pancakebreak: “I’ve helped literally hundreds of very drunk people through their puke-filled evening. I can’t count the number of times people have thrown up right on me, but it always really bothered me to see people abandoned by their friends at a party while they’re obviously hitting the edge of the abyss. I’ve carried people to the toilet. I’ve cleaned puke off of every type of furniture. I’ve done laundry for people while they wait in the tub. I’ve caught vomit in my bare hands. I never saw it as a big deal. Somebody died just about every semester at my school from some stupid drinking accident. I didn’t want to be one of the fake f*****s standing at a candlelight vigil talking about how ‘nobody saw it coming’ and ‘there was nothing we could do’. Bitch, put a finger down her throat and slap her awake til she drinks some water. It’s not that hard and they’ll thank you in the morning when they’re NOT F***ING DEAD.”

6. The banana bandit

From Reddit user IAmHereToSayThis: Not me, but my step-dad mixes up mayo and bananas, then happily eats his gag-inducing concoction.”

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7. The pimple popper

From Reddit user tymech: “let me pop your PIMPLES”

8. The eater of stuff that should not be eaten

From Reddit user Stinky_Skat: “I’ve been known to eat dog biscuits from time to time.”

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8. The “human butcher”

From Reddit user NuclearBlue94: “I am an aspiring medical student and have spent hundreds of hours in cadaver dissection labs through various opportunities (class, work, assistant teaching). I basically do the work of taking a donor’s body (graciously donated for the good of educating future health professionals) and removing skin, fat, and connective tissue so that the donor can be a useful teaching tool. I’ve been compared to a human butcher by colleagues outside of my field but I’m proud of the work I do. Being a good prosector/dissector is truly an art and takes a lot of time and patience to do it well.

10. The improvisational flosser

From Reddit user Petraretrograde: “I floss with my hair”

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