Friday 18 January 2019

People are coming up with their own Black Mirror storylines and some of them are amazing

Netflix has confirmed the show will return for a fifth series.

Black Mirror is returning for a fifth series (LoveTheWind/Getty Images/PA)
Black Mirror is returning for a fifth series (LoveTheWind/Getty Images/PA)

By Emily Chudy, Press Association

Netflix has confirmed that hit dystopian series Black Mirror will be returning for a fifth series.

Details of the new season haven’t yet been confirmed, however, and if you binge-watched series four within a week, it might feel like a long wait for new episodes.

Social media users are helping to make the wait a little easier, as people come up with imaginary storylines for the show, giving a little taste as to what might be coming in series five.

Reddit user Noy2222 asked the website for their best episode ideas, which are creepy, thought-inducing, and downright terrifying in equal measure.

Here are the very best idea pitches, which could have the potential to wow readers even more than Black Mirror itself.

1. Do frozen people have human rights?

2. What if everybody was incredibly beautiful?

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3. What if you only had 24 hours to live?

4. Will kids grow up in a world without privacy?

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5. What if people crowd-funded the death penalty?

6. What if strange chain mail came true?

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7. Would you download your significant other?

8. What if you could inject knowledge directly into your brain?

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9. Would you erase your own memories?

10. Would you never tell a lie again?

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