Sunday 17 November 2019

Now dogs get their own wearables

The Scout5000 smart dog collar on show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
The Scout5000 smart dog collar on show at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

It is not just humans who are getting wearables at CES, a new smart collar for dogs has been unveiled so owners and pets can stay connected.

The Scout5000 is from Motorola and video streaming developer Hubble and allows owners to track the physical health of their pet, while a built-in camera allows them to see the world through their dog's eyes for the first time.

There is also GPS so you can track their location should they ever decide on a Homeward Bound-style adventure.

And there is even a microphone so you can talk to your pet remotely too.

The collar is essentially a "smartphone for your dog" as it uses 3G in order to send information to your own smartphone to monitor your pet.

This is the main downside as it means your dog needs a data plan, though it does come with a year of 3G service as part of the 199 US dollar (£131) price tag.

The camera built into the collar shoots in 720p HD, and the whole collar is splash, chew and paw-proof say Motorola.

The firm is not new to the pet arena, with a motion sensitive webcam that enables owners to set up and remotely control the camera and track their pets when away from home.

The device begins recording when it senses motion so owners never miss any activity while they are at work or away. That too comes with a microphone so you can communicate.

Action camera firm GoPro also make a dog harness to which you can attach their HD video cameras.

Motorola say the Scout5000 will go on sale in the US in June, alongside a slimmer model, the Scout2500, which is designed for smaller dogs and comes without the web cam.

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