Tuesday 18 June 2019

Nothing is more satisfying than watching Stretch Armstrong crushed by a hydraulic press

The video is sort of peaceful.

Stretch Armstrong (Victoria Jones/PA)
Stretch Armstrong (Victoria Jones/PA)

By Taylor Heyman, Press Association

There is something very satisfying about watching items get destroyed, and one YouTube account is giving the public what it wants.

The Hydraulic Press Channel, run by powerlifter Lauri Vuohensilta, squeezes a variety of objects to bits and the latest video features a Stretch Armstrong toy.

If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of the toy looks like this video has the answers, albeit coupled with some NSFW language as Stretch gets flattened.

This particular press has holes in the top, giving viewers the chance to see the object’s insides oozing out under the immense pressure.

In the end, the flattened toy looked a bit like US President Donald Trump.

As well as Stretch Armstrong, the video also includes candles, paper pulp and battery packs all destroyed with fascinating results.

Some items can’t be destroyed by the press, like a block of ice and a ball of rubber bands.

Despite the channel running since 2015, they still haven’t run out of things to squish out of existence. What will they do next?

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