Monday 22 January 2018

Nothing has quite sparked debate like Jeremy Corbyn's opinions on jam

By Prudence Wade

The Labour leader pulls no punches when it comes to spreads.

Breaking news: Jeremy Corbyn, a man who has an allotment and makes his own jam, doesn’t like strawberry jam.

We’ll just give you a bit of time to let that sink in.

We found out this tasty tidbit when the Labour leader visited a children’s centre in Leyland, Lancashire, to launch the party’s new £1 billion education policy of free meals for all primary school pupils paid for by VAT on private school fees.

Sure, this might seem to be the central story – but somehow it seems like jam-gate has overtaken it. Whilst making cupcakes with children (just another day in the life of a politician) Corbyn asked them what their favourite flavour of jam was. To his dismay, they all answered with strawberry.

This went down like a shortage of jam on scones for Corbyn. And this is a man who knows his stuff as he makes his own jam – but blackberry and apple flavoured, obviously not strawberry.

For many, this was the last straw. How could a jam-lover like Corbyn shun strawberry? We can’t believe he uses a different jam for his cream teas – that would be unthinkable!

Others just want to try his jam and are glad that the spread has *finally* entered the political arena. It’s about time.

But not everyone knows what to think, begging the question: what is the best flavour of jam?

Some just can’t really cope with the fact that this humble spread has become such a hot topic.

We always knew that jam would one day be the main issue to divide the country.

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