Tuesday 23 January 2018

North Korea has just released this absolutely bonkers propaganda video

It shows their missiles blowing up American targets.

The film is an exercise in propaganda with a lot of fake explosions (DPRK Today)
The film is an exercise in propaganda with a lot of fake explosions (DPRK Today)

By GraceR

After a war of words broke out between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un last week, North Korea has released a dramatic propaganda video showing its missiles blowing up US targets.

Complete with crude graphics of explosions and triumphant music, the video also shows an image of Donald Trump addressing troops and calls him a “madman”.

According to military experts, however, the country does not have the ability or the intent to do what is shown in the video.

The film was released by a government propaganda website after US planes flew over international airspace on Sunday, which it often does for drills or in times of heightened tension.

The film appeared hours later. Analysts say that despite the video seeming to suggest their solid-fuel missiles could hit American fighter planes from land mobile launchers, they almost certainly couldn’t, despite stepping up nuclear and missile tests over the last few months.

Over the last week, Donald Trump called the North Korean leader a “rocket man” at the UN before the North’s foreign minister said his comments were a declaration of war.

Later, Trump tweeted that Kim Jong Un and his foreign minister “wouldn’t be around much longer”.

US press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders then had to clarify to journalists that the president had not declared war on the rogue state.

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