Tuesday 24 April 2018

No one can quite get over the realisation that Sasha Obama's name isn't actually Sasha

How is everyone finding this out now?

By Prudence Wade

Sasha Obama has been in the spotlight for many years thanks to her presidential father, but for some reason information about her real name has just hit Twitter and people are gobsmacked.

It turns out that her first name isn’t actually Sasha. Just let that sink in.

In fact, her name is…drumroll please…Natasha.

Some people are going to have to rethink everything they once thought was true.

If Barack was in office for a whole eight years, how are so many people finding this *important* news out just now?

Some people have questions that the would like answered.

And there are some who want to inject a little perspective into the Twitterstorm – it’s just a nickname!

Well, at least now everyone knows.

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