Tuesday 22 May 2018

Nicola Sturgeon was grilled over what she would do in the event of a hung parliament on The Andrew Neil Interviews

The Scottish First Minister said the SNP “would look to be part of a progressive alliance”.

By Nilima Marshall

BBC journalist Andrew Neil has been asking political leaders tough questions ahead of the General Election and this time it was Nicola Sturgeon’s turn to be in the firing line.

With recent opinion polls across the UK showing Theresa May’s lead over Labour shrinking, Neil had a key question for the Scottish First Minister and SNP leader on The Andrew Neil Interviews on BBC One: what would her plans be if the election results in a hung parliament?

The broadcaster grilled Sturgeon on whether she would prefer Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn over the Conservative Party leader to be the next prime minister but the Scottish leader didn’t give a direct answer, instead saying the SNP would “look to be part of a progressive alliance” at Westminster.

And viewers were left to read between the lines.

However, what Sturgeon did say was that if her party won in Scotland it would strengthen the case for a second referendum for Scottish independence.

“We’ve got that mandate already,” she said, adding that victory would “underline and reinforce that mandate”.

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