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Nick Griffin is emigrating to Hungary and the irony is not lost on anyone


Yep, the former BNP leader wants to exercise his right to freedom of movement within the EU…

Former BNP leader Nick Griffin is emigrating to Hungary in a move that seems completely at odds with his political opinions.

The British National Party is famed for its anti-immigration stance, and now Griffin is set to be an immigrant himself.

He said he intends to move to Hungary in the next six months, and continue with his political activism.

For many, the irony was not lost.

Griffin told Hungarian website 444: “I hope that Hungary, the Hungarian government, the Hungarian people, will welcome people who are genuine refugees from western Europe but keep out the liberals who have brought western Europe to this state in the first place.”

Griffin praised Hungary for its nationalist policies, implemented by its right-wing, conservative Fidesz government.

He said: “There’s the broad spectrum from building the wall to state help for young Hungarian families to have large families and addressing the Soros problem.

“[It] indicates a government which doesn’t want to commit national suicide. That’s very refreshing for someone coming from the west.”

The so-called “Soros problem” refers to Hungary’s attempts to weaken non-governmental organisations (NGOs) run by philanthropist George Soros.

We will leave the last word to Labour MP David Lammy, who tweeted: “What a hypocrite Nick Griffin. But good riddance, our country will be better without your toxic hateful views.”

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