Wednesday 19 December 2018

New Zealand’s new Prime Minister has a cat with its very own Twitter account

Meet Paddles, a cat with opposable thumbs.

Paddles the cat
Paddles the cat

By Kameron Virk

Jacinda Ardern has been receiving a lot of attention since becoming New Zealand’s Prime Minister-elect.

At just 37 the Labour politician will become the country’s youngest ever female leader, as well as its youngest for 150 years.

But it’s not just Ardern who’s getting attention following the discovery of her cat’s Twitter account. Meet Paddles, a very good cat.

The ginger and white cat looks as though she has thumbs because it’s polydactyl – meaning she was born with more than the normal number of toes.

Paddles has been tweeting prolifically since the account was set up earlier this month – although Ardern has said she doesn’t know who’s running it.

“There is indeed an account in the name of my cat and I have no idea who has created it,” she said, according to NewsHub, after speculation that it was run by her partner, Clarke Gayford.

“I am quite happy for that person to continue logging on behalf of Paddles. Keeping in mind Paddles has thumbs, I can’t put it past her it’s her own account as well.”

The cat, whose bio reads “not affurliated with the Labour Pawty”, has been busy replying to pictures of other New Zealand cats – as well as showing just how politically aware she is.

Paddles has also been welcomed by cats further afield – like Larry the Downing Street cat’s unofficial Twitter account.

New Zealand’s First Cat also hasn’t shied away from other topical issues, notably Catalan independence.

And unsurprisingly, Paddles also wants catnip legalised.

It looks like global politics has a new force.

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