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NBA players are randomly receiving potatoes with their faces on in the post


But it seems the mystery behind who’s sending them may have been solved…

Personalised potatoes aren’t something we’ve ever given much thought to before, but it turns out NBA players are receiving them and it’s one of the funnier things we’ve seen lately.

Take the Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki, for example – here he is in potato form.

So random. But so brilliant.

And Nowitzki’s not the only player who is involved in the, erm, starch madness…

What’s even better is none of the NBA stars seem to have had any idea where the gift came from upon receiving it.

However, US Today’s For the Win remembered that last year, two entrepreneurs appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank with their idea for a business called Potato Parcel. Yep, you’ve guessed it – in their pitch they explained how people would pay them to send a personalised potato to someone.

And if Potato Parcel’s Instagram is anything to go by, they really might be the culprits.

Mystery solved? Potentially.

All we’re left wanting to know now is – what are the NBA players doing with their potatoes afterwards? We really, really hope they tucked into a jacket potato with their face on…

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