Tuesday 23 January 2018

Mystery man hands out £50 notes

Shoppers in a Devon supermarket were surprised when a stranger handed them envelopes containing 50 pounds
Shoppers in a Devon supermarket were surprised when a stranger handed them envelopes containing 50 pounds

A mystery man handed out envelopes containing £50 notes to shoppers as a Christmas gift after he came into some money.

Christmas came a day early for shoppers at a Tesco superstore in Tiverton, Devon, who were handed the blank envelopes while browsing the shelves on Christmas Eve.

It has been claimed the man moved swiftly around the store, on Blundell's Road, putting the letters in shoppers' baskets, although it is unclear how many people have benefited from his kindness.

Inside the envelope, along with the cash, was a printed message from the generous benefactor that read: "Happy Christmas. I have recently been fortunate enough to have come into quite a lot of money - more than I need for myself and my family. So I thought that I would share some of it with other people - the £50 enclosed is for you.

"I hope this enables you to have a little extra cheer this Christmas. You do not have to do anything other than spend the money - and it is real, there is no trick, no hidden cameras or catch. Just have a happy Christmas."

No-one knows who the mysterious man is, but Sampford Peverell parish clerk Mike Aspray said two pensioners from the nearby village who had received the gift had been "overwhelmed" by the generosity.

"An elderly couple who were shopping in the store were approached by a youngish man who gave them an envelope, wished them the compliments of the season, put it in their shopping basket and walked quickly away," said Mr Aspray.

"The couple were obviously intent on shopping, as most people are at that time of year, and thought no more of it until they got to the checkout and wondered if they should throw the envelope out.

"But they did actually open it, saw what it was inside and thought they ought to be able to thank the person who gave it to them."

A spokesman for Tesco said the retail chain was unable to confirm whether a man had been handing out the cash in its store.

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