Saturday 21 April 2018

MP Jess Phillips has written a heartfelt letter to the schoolchildren locked in Parliament during the attack

By Prudence Wade

The youngsters kept up everyone’s morale by singing during the lockdown.

Labour MP Jess Phillips has penned a letter to the primary school children who were trapped in the Houses of Parliament during the terror attack on Westminster.

Children from the Holy Family Catholic Primary School in Birmingham were on an educational trip when they were caught up in the centre of events.

MP for Birmingham Yardley Phillips paid tribute to the way they handled the crisis in her letter: “Each of you were so calm, so well behaved and so good natured in a situation that could have been very difficult.”

Phillips really had their backs throughout the crisis, and on Wednesday tweeted Virgin Trains to make sure youngsters who missed their train could still use their tickets.

According to reports, the children helped everyone’s morale when they were in lockdown by singing songs.

Phillips praised them for how they helped: “The sight of you waving at us and smiling at us while we were worried made us all feel better and helped us to remember the reasons why we go to the House of Commons to defend and care for people just like you.”

And if you didn’t already feel like there was something caught in your eye, Phillips ends the letter by expressing her gratitude, plain and simple. “Thank you for being brilliant, I’m sure your parents and your teachers are very very proud just as I am,” she wrote.

Being locked inside Westminster while the attack went on is unimaginable, let alone experiencing that as a child. So it feels particularly fitting that Phillips would send such an honest and moving letter praising the children for how they handled the situation.

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