Saturday 15 December 2018

Move over Monet, this guy is making trick-shots an art form

These tricks will knock your socks off.


By Taylor Heyman

A man who makes trick-shot videos is planning to take his hobby full time.

Andrew Borys, a recent business graduate from the University of Calgary,
has been posting trick-shot videos for the past seven years.

Using an array of sports balls and equipment, he manages unbelievable shots, leaving viewers astounded.

As time has gone on, his videos have increased in difficulty and creativity, drawing a following of more than 25,000 followers on Instagram.

Andrew, 22, has big plans for the future of his Instagram channel.

“I occasionally work with sponsors or license my videos out to companies so I would always consider this to be a part time job,” he says.

“But now that I’m done with university, I’m going to try and be more consistent with uploads, post different content that isn’t necessarily trick shot related, and see if I’m able to make this full time.”

Andrew isn’t immune to laughing at himself, either. As well as posting his successful shots, he also shares the moments things don’t go to plan.

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