Thursday 22 August 2019

‘More of a headscratcher than a tearjerker’: How audiences reacted to the John Lewis Christmas ad

Did you love Moz the Monster or are you yearning for the Man on the Moon?

Moz the Monster and Joe
Moz the Monster and Joe

By Alistair Mason

It’s possibly the most divisive question put to the British people since the Brexit referendum: what do you think of the John Lewis Christmas advert?

The latest offering from the department store – telling the story of Moz, a monster who lives under a little boy’s bed – was unveiled today and provoked a swirl of reactions.

Some people loved it.

Some people didn’t.

One little girl found it all too much.

Some people just didn’t get it.

And others just got nostalgic for John Lewis ads of old.

But most everyone had questions.

If nothing else, it should be one to argue about over the turkey on Christmas Day.

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