Sunday 18 November 2018

Meet Vin – the adorable black tabby who thinks he is a dog

Tryone Wells couldn’t get a dog – so he raised his cat to be one.

Vin the cat.
Vin the cat.

By Edd Dracott and Nilima Marshall

Vin may look like an ordinary black tabby to you except for one little thing – he thinks he is a dog.

This eight-month-old kitten walks on a lead with his owner Tyrone Wells and obeys verbal commands.

“I always wanted a dog, but I didn’t have the work schedule to accommodate one,” said Tyrone. “So I got a cat and raised it to be a dog instead.”

Tyrone says it took about a week for the pair to get used to walking together – with Vin on a lead.

“We’ve gotten a lot better at it!” he adds. “The verbal commands are the latest thing we’ve done in the last few months.”

Vin the cat.

Tyrone, who is an analytical chemist says Vin likes taking naps and playing fetch like “the perfect puppycat”.

So how did he manage to train his cat to be a dog?

“It just takes patience and love,” Tyrone said. “Others can absolutely teach their cats anything a dog knows how to do.”

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