Sunday 25 February 2018

Meet Tyler the Donut Boy who tours the US saying ‘thank you’ to cops

Tyler sports a superhero cape when carrying out his good deeds – dishing out sweet treats to police officers.

(Sheena Carach/PA)
(Sheena Carach/PA)

By Nicola Irwin

A nine-year-old boy is hand-delivering donuts to police to thank them for their work.

Tyler Carach, aka Tyler the Donut Boy, has delivered more than 22,000 of the sweet treats to police forces in 16 US states.

He is currently on a gratitude tour of the US and sharing details on his Facebook page “I DONUT need a reason to THANK a cop”.

(Sheena Carach/PA)

Like any superhero, Tyler, from Bratt in Florida, sports a cape while carrying out his work. The cape is covered in donuts and carries his slogan.

For their part, the police officers he has met have acknowledged his kind gesture by letting him pose for pictures with their squad cars and motorbikes and try on parts of their uniforms.

He has met police dogs in K9 units and ridden horses with mounted police. He toured a harbour by boat with Quincy Police Department Marine Unit during one recent stop.

He has also received police memorabilia including a customised thin blue line flag from an officer in New Jersey.

(Sheena Carach/PA)

At the New Rochelle Police Department, Tyler was made the honorary Police Commissioner for the day and was thanked for his actions with a cake in the shape of a giant donut.

At Hudson Police, his arrival was announced on the large sign outside the department which read “Welcome Donut Boy”.

(Sheena Carach/PA)

Tyler’s inspiration to thank police with donuts started close to home in Florida in 2016 when he asked his mother if he could buy four officers donuts with his own money.

His action made the police so happy, it inspired Tyler to say thank you to more officers across the US in the same way.

(Sheena Carach/PA)

His mother, Sheena Carach, 32, said: “We were in a local corner store one day when Tyler saw four deputies and said ‘Mom, you know cops’ favourite drink is coffee and their favourite food is donuts, right?’ After a slight chuckle, I replied ‘Yes’.

“He then asked if he could use his allowance money to buy them mini donuts to thank them for their service. They were very happy.”

Sheena then talked to Tyler about police across the country.

She added: “He looked at me and said ‘OK, well I am going to thank every cop in America and buy them all a donut’.”

(Sheena Carach/PA)

His first thank you call was at Escambia County Sheriffs Office and one year on he’s still going strong. His latest tour took in the east coast of the US, he is planning a visit to Nevada later in August and an autumn trip across the Southern US.

Tyler is being home-schooled for a year so the family can donate more time to his donut giveaway.

(Sheena Carach/PA)

Sheena added: “The officers are so grateful and absolutely love meeting Tyler. They truly appreciate his kindness and respect for them. The Boston kreme donuts are always very popular.”

Tyler, who is in the fourth grade and dreams of being a police dog handler when he is older, said: “Cops are my best friends. I want them to know that people still care about them and I want to inspire other people to also like cops and not judge a whole by a few.”

(Sheena Carach/PA)

Donut brands including Dunkin, Krispy, Bills Donuts, Bizzy Jeans and The Donut Pub have supported his thank you mission.

Tyler and his family are running a Go Fund Me scheme to help fund the tour.

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