Wednesday 16 October 2019

Meet the university student entertaining his peers after the bars close with Dr Seuss recitals

By Edward Dracott

Forget kebabs – what about Green Eggs And Ham?

Finding entertainment once all the bars close when you’re a student is tough, but one junior from the US came up with a cunning way to battle the end-of-night blues.

Justin Falkenbach of Ohio University has been reciting Dr Seuss stories to his fellows during finals week. According to Justin his first book, The Cat In The Hat, drew a crowd of around 200 people.

Truly inspired. So how did this bizarre situation come about? Well, he says he was hit in the back by a copy of The Cat In The Hat when he was at a bar in Athens, Ohio.

“Weird, I know,” said Justin. “I tucked the book in the back of my shorts and forgot about it until right about 1.58am, when I remember I have it in another bar called the College Inn. I showed my best friend Drake the book and he was like ‘no way man!’ Then I start reading the first two pages, but before I can finish, the bar closes.

“So I do what any dedicated story teller does. I step out into the sidewalk of Court Street and continue to read my classic novel.”

“Next thing you know, there are almost 200 people sitting Indian-style on the sidewalk listening to me read all 61 pages of the cat in the hat,” said Justin.

Videos of Justin’s reading received a lot of attention online and he says it took him 15 minutes to check all of his Twitter mentions the next morning.

“I then realised I had to do it again,” said Justin. “So last night I got ready to go out and purchased a brand new copy of Green Eggs And Ham and did the same thing with even more people.”

“I’m hoping to get a bigger crowd tonight when I read Ohh The Places You Go for all the graduating seniors,” said Justin.

In case you think he’s joking – here’s Justin with his copy ready to go…

If you’re in Ohio, keep your eye out for Justin or the “OU Bobcat” and his Dr Seuss books.

If you’re not, we hope this serves as some inspiration – there’s a whole series of Mr Men and Little Miss books out here just waiting for your recital.

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