Tuesday 17 September 2019

Meet the transgender student who got made his school's prom king

By Catherine Wyatt

An Instagram post showed a prom king campaign leaflet of his vandalised with the words “Al Belmont for prom queen”.

A transgender student has been made his school’s first ever prom king, despite facing discrimination along the way.

Alan Belmont, 17, got made junior prom king at North Central High School in Indiana after coming out as transgender to the public on January 1 2016.

Students voted for Belmont to receive the accolade, who said he stood for prom king to show that “ignorance will fall, pride and love will rise”.

He made the comment on an Instagram post which showed a prom king campaign leaflet of his vandalised with the words “Al Belmont for prom queen”.

He said: “I’ve gotten a lot of questions as to why I am running for prom king. But this is the real reason. Despite all the love and support I’ve received, there’s still so much ignorance in the world.

“I want my trans friends to know that this is nothing but stupidity and hate. This doesn’t stop me from being me, and I will continue to fight to win this.”

On another post he wrote: “I’m gonna be 110% raw and real about why I would like to be nominated: For those who don’t know me, my name is Alan Christopher Belmont, and I am a trans guy. Although I was called a girl at birth, I am a guy.

“I know how confusing this concept can be, but being prom king would mean so much to not only me, but to every trans boy, girl, and nb kid out there.

“I have been attacked online via twitter for being the way that I am, and I want to show people that no matter what others say, your identity is valid.”

However, such discrimination is an anomaly – Belmont said most of the people at school supported him.

“The kids are so kind to me and the administration is so helpful,” he said.

“It was an incredible feeling to know that my fellow classmates supported me and the message I wanted people to hear! I felt wonderful.”

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