Saturday 23 June 2018

Meet the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman whose cos-play is making waves online

‘My ultimate goal is just to bring joy to as many people as possible.’

A Spiderman has been making waves in Boston (gray.cosplay/Instagram)
A Spiderman has been making waves in Boston (gray.cosplay/Instagram)

By Edd Dracott, Press Association

A good cosplay is ever an entertaining sight, but when someone really commits to their character it becomes something special.

A video of Spiderman riding the subway in Boston has gone viral and it’s the commitment to the Marvel character’s classic ceiling-hanging pose that makes it special.

Boston Spidey’s real name is Jalen Latimer and he is rather taken with playing his character.

“The climbing started when I realised that I could do it without being questioned,” he told the Press Association. “I’ve always loved climbing things, so Spiderman was kinda just the perfect person for me.

“The reason for my Spidermanning is pretty simple: I love seeing the kids’ reactions when they see a superhero,” added Jalen. “It’s heart-warming.

“I’ve had tons of kids just run and hug me, and it makes me happy that I’m able to make them happy.”

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