Saturday 24 March 2018

Meet the farmer producing Welsh Wagyu beef with beer and massage

By Max McLean

Wagyu beef is considered by many to be the best in the world.

You might think beer and a massage would be nice accompaniments to eating a steak, but in this case, it’s the cattle that are enjoying the two.

Ifor Humphreys is a Welsh beef farmer, and when he wasn’t enjoying success with commercial beef, he decided to try a breed of cattle called Japanese Black Wagyu instead.

And part of Humphreys’ process for preparing the cattle involves beer and massage – how strange.

“Cattle on the finishing rations get a daily couple of pints of beer from our local Monty’s brewery,” says Humphreys.

“I tend to think they’re like me. Once we have a few beers, we lie down and go to sleep – get an early night.”

And his reasons for adding the beer to the cows’ diet?

“There’s two reasons I feed the beer,” Humphreys continues. “One is basically the legend that comes from Japan, where it was fed in Japan and it’s become part of folklore. The other reason is these guys really like it, I think it helps to relax them.”

And the massage?

“That used to happen,” says Humphreys. “But as we get a little bit busier, there’s a bit less time for that. They’re quite happy to have a bit of contact and they do enjoy a massage.”

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