Friday 23 February 2018

Meet Pooky, the adorable cat with tiny legs and a big following

Watching Pooky the Munchkin run is too much.

Pooky the Munchkin
Pooky the Munchkin

By Edd Dracott

If you’re a fan of tiny cats with even tinier legs, Pooky the Munchkin is everything you need and more.

At just one year old, little Pooky is already all kinds of famous on Instagram, and it’s not hard to see why.

In case you thought Munchkin was just a cute name, it’s actually in reference to Pooky’s breed.

Pooky is a Ragdoll and British Short Munchkin cross, with Munchkins characterised by their little legs.

Pooky's floofy paws 😊

A post shared by Pooky the Munchkin (@littlemunchiepooky) on

With more than 240,000 followers, Pooky’s owner Henry is pretty proud of his little Munchkin.

“We love all the videos because she is very precious to us,” Henry told the Press Association.

Tuna I'm coming for you! ❤ . 📷:@apertureby_me

A post shared by Pooky the Munchkin (@littlemunchiepooky) on

Little Pooky is playful too.

“She enjoys collecting random objects and hiding them away under the sofa or behind the bed throughout the day,” said Henry.

And just in case you thought this little feline couldn’t get any cuter, wait until you see Pooky as a kitten.

Deep breath…

Baby Pooky! throwback to when I looked like a tiny Pokemon 😍😊😇😘

A post shared by Pooky the Munchkin (@littlemunchiepooky) on

If you’re looking to get a gift for this cat, Pooky’s birthday is in March – and her favourite treat is tuna, according to Henry.

Reunited! My hooman and Me! . ps. Pooky is back on Instagram . 📷: @apertureby_me

A post shared by Pooky the Munchkin (@littlemunchiepooky) on

Anyone feeling like they’d rather live life as a small cat right now? No?

In any case, you can catch up on all that’s going on with Pooky by having a looky at her Facebook and Instagram page.

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