Saturday 19 October 2019

Meet Max the Cat: He’s banned from the library but that doesn’t stop him venturing in

He’s even been caught on CCTV!

(Connie Lipton/PA)
(Connie Lipton/PA)

By Edd Dracott and Taylor Heyman

A cat with a penchant for books has gone viral after a sign designed to keep him out of his local library was shared on Twitter.

Max the cat lives near Macalester College in Minnesota and loves to venture from home, meeting students and locals along the way.

Unfortunately, he keeps returning to one place he isn’t welcome: the library.

His owner, nurse and health coach Connie Lipton, says Max is a pretty sociable cat, and does not just stick to the library to find new friends.

She said: “We started letting him out last May and soon after started receiving calls asking if it was OK that he was out.

“We would regularly get calls so we knew some of what he was up to. He loves the students and would go over there to see them.

“He would also visit the students in the French, German and Russian language houses.”

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Max in his element with students on the Mac campus

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So why isn’t he allowed in the library? Well, it’s for a good reason.

“Someone who works there is highly allergic to cats and they were also afraid he would be stuck inside and not be able to get out,” said Connie.

That sounds reasonable enough and, to stop students and staff aiding and abetting the feline, they put up a sign.

A picture of the sign was shared on Twitter by user Erin McGuire on Wednesday. It now has over 44,000 retweets as people fell in love with the outlaw cat.

Luckily for the library, Max will not be seen outside for a little while, but do not worry, it’s all to keep him safe.

“Max is grounded right now from going out on his own as they are also starting a big construction project on campus right across the street from where we live and they are worried something might happen to him,” said Connie.

“He’s very sad and misses his fans on campus.”

(Connie Lipton/PA)

He may not be absent for long though, as Connie is planning to get Max trained on a lead so he can go out safely. His owners are also considering getting him trained to be a therapy cat, so he can help others.

Connie called all the online attention “overwhelming”, but said “if a story about Max can be uplifting in this crazy world I’m happy he can do it”.

It also looks like Max’s story may no be over just yet. Chris Schommer, who created the sign and Gamze Genc Celik, who designed the drawing on the sign are hinting at the release of a book.

Stay tuned if you want to see more of Max.

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