Friday 23 March 2018

Meet Jokgu: The patriotic chicken helping America to celebrate the 4th of July

She has a wonderful talent for the piano.

(Shannon Myers/PA)
(Shannon Myers/PA)

By Taylor Heyman

A chicken is bringing musical joy to Americans this 4th of July with her epic piano skills.

Jokgu the chicken is taking the internet by storm with a video of her playing the US national anthem, Star-Spangled Banner, on a keyboard.

Jokgu plays the piano by pressing on keys that light up, but that doesn’t mean any chicken can do it.

“What many people don’t realize, is that most chickens have a very short attention span,” says one of Jokgu’s owners, Shannon Myers.

“They will peck a few notes, then expect their reward. Jokgu is exceptional in that she can concentrate for such an extended period of time. This song had over 100 notes!”

Happy #FourthOfJuly Weekend! Land of the free. Home of the brave!

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So why the national anthem? Well, “we chose the national anthem because she likes the note combinations and rhythm of patriotic tunes,” says Shannon.

“Jokgu loves patriotic songs, definitely has preferences and will not play if she doesn’t like it, so it is certainly about much more than a stupid chicken hitting lights on a keyboard.”

What’s more, she isn’t the only talented chicken in her family.

“The Flockstars is our ‘all-chick house band’ with Jokgu on keyboard, Spaetzle on drums, Aichan on piano, and Millie on xylophone.”

The band was formed when Sei-Hee and Shannon, their owners and trainers, put toy instruments in the chickens’ enclosure to keep them entertained.

After noticing they enjoyed playing around on them, they decided to form a band.

The Land of the Free should be very proud to have this chicken as one of its citizens.

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