Wednesday 21 March 2018

Margaret Thatcher on US dollar bill? Tory hails Jeb Bush's 'great idea'

Margaret Thatcher with Ronald Reagan
Margaret Thatcher with Ronald Reagan
Jeb Bush suggested putting Margaret Thatcher's face on US banknotes

Conservatives have hailed a United States presidential candidate's call for Margaret Thatcher to feature on the next 10 dollar bill as a "great idea".

Jeb Bush picked the former prime minister as his choice for the new note when questioned on the issue during a Republican presidential debate.

Mr Bush admitted that such a move was "probably illegal" but told the audience "what the heck".

He said: " I would go with Ronald Reagan's partner Margaret Thatcher.

" A strong leader is what we need in the White House, and she certainly was a strong leader that restored the United Kingdom into greatness," he added.

Baroness Thatcher and Ronald Reagan were close allies, with the former Conservative leader calling the then US president "one of my closest and dearest personal friends".

Conservative MP Stewart Jackson said the former premier was a "very worthwhile" figure to be considered for the honour.

He said: "It's a great idea. Margaret Thatcher is an icon and historic figure.

"She, along with Ronald Reagan, was responsible for bringing in the conditions that brought down the Iron Curtain and saved people from Soviet tyranny and is a very worthwhile individual to be considered."

Mr Jackson said he did not see any problem with a Briton featuring on an American bank note.

"They have named their ships and schools after Winston Churchill so I don't see it being a problem," he added.

Conservative Conor Burns, who was a close friend of Baroness Thatcher and hosted Mr Bush in the House of Commons last year, said it was a "lovely" gesture.

He said: "It's wonderfully characteristic of Jeb to come up with such a lovely suggestion.

"Lady T would have been absolutely thrilled. She used to say that when you got off the plane in the US you could smell freedom.

"She would have also been appalled as she was a modest person. It's a shame there isn't a million dollar bill because for many of us she wasn't ten dollars, but a million."

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