Thursday 14 December 2017

Marco Rubio tried to hug Ivanka Trump and the photo is gloriously awkward

They say a picture is worth one thousand words, we wonder what words describe this one?

By Taylor Heyman

A photo of a meeting between Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump has gone viral after the Republican Senator looked to be rejected when he went in for a hug.

Associated Press photographer Erica Werner posted the photo on Twitter explaining that the President’s daughter was due to meet politicians to discuss child tax credit.

However, what began as a run of the mill tweet soon became an object of fun as Twitter users revelled in the seemingly awkward photo – in which Trump stands stock still as Rubio leans in for an embrace.

From drawing comparisons with popular culture…

… to making up their own captions, the internet was having a lot of fun with the image.

Rubio ran against Donald Trump in the Republican primary last year, and was a vocal critic of the now US president at that time. However, he and his wife had dinner with the Trumps in February and he also dined at the White House in early June along with other Republican Senators.

Some we left wondering if this was Rubio’s approach to all people he meets, or just Ivanka.

Others turned their attention to the chap in the background, who looks disapprovingly up at the pair.


Whichever element of the photo is most awkward to viewers, it seems relations were a little less frosty after the meeting.

Press Association

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