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Man rewrites Thor 2 to accurately reflect the painstaking journey from Charing Cross to Greenwich

Nothing gets past London’s commuters.


London Underground Map

London Underground Map

London Underground Map

A scene from Thor 2 has resurfaced and it is getting Londoners riled up at its deceptive portrayal of the Underground.

The scene in question, from 2013 Marvel film Thor: The Dark World, shows the Asgardian god of thunder getting from Charing Cross to Greenwich in three stops.

But anyone who regularly braves the confines of the network – or anybody who has ever even looked at a Tube map – will know that this is impossible.

In the clip, Thor lands onto the Charing Cross platform with a thud and, as a train pulls in and the tube doors open, he asks a bewildered commuter: “How do I get to Greenwich?”

She replies: “Get on this train, three stops”. It is not clear which line the tube is on but, according to her logic, Thor would end up either in Lambeth North, Kennington, or Regent’s Park.

So author Aaron Gillies, who could no longer withstand the glaring oversight (after almost five years), demanded a re-shoot and helpfully offered Marvel a script modification.

“Well, this is a southbound Bakerloo line so you’ll need to change at Waterloo then get on the eastbound Jubilee line to North Greenwich,” would be the commuter’s ideal answer.

He added: “But that’s actually not right next to Greenwich so you’ll have to get the 188 bus for 15 minutes and get off at the Maritime Museum stop.”

Gillies also offers alternative routes, such as taking the DLR.

He even threw in some commuter etiquette for good measure, saying: “If you can stop talking and just stand there that would be great this is London we don’t talk on the Tube.”

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Other Twitter users voiced their outrage, while some chimed in with more suggestions.

Moral of the story: Londoners are not to be messed with when it comes to their TfL-related knowledge.

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