Saturday 21 April 2018

Man begins 52 jobs in 52 weeks

Matt Frost is attempting to work 52 jobs in a year (
Matt Frost is attempting to work 52 jobs in a year (

A man from Cornwall has begun a challenge to work 52 jobs in 52 weeks.

Matt Frost, 29, will devote the entire year to week-long placements at companies across the country. He has already lined up several jobs, from office work to manual labour, all in the name of charity.

Mr Frost, who spent last week as a photographer's assistant and is half-way through a placement at Onshore Media, said he will "give anything a go", donating his wages at the end of each week to the Prince's Trust.

The former retail manager found himself at a crossroads last year after a serious injury at work forced him to consider his future. He's hoping the variety offered by his "job hop" fundraiser will also give him a greater insight into a future vocation - be it creative, physical or clerical.

"It's going to be an exciting year, extremely challenging but great fun," Mr Frost said. "I was working in London last year when a large box of metal brackets fell on me. I had post-concussion syndrome, which took a while to recover from.

"I've decided to explore the possibilities, to take a leap and see if I can discover something I'm truly passionate about. I also want others to know that they can do the same if they so choose."

Mr Frost added: "There are some jobs which are going to be great fun, and others which will be testing, but that's part of the point, really - I don't want it to be an easy ride."

He is determined to fill the year with 52 different jobs, meaning there will be little time for a holiday.

"I haven't factored a holiday in," he said. "But they say a change is as good as a rest, and I will be getting a lot of change during this year. But if you ask me after my 48th week, I might say something different."

Mr Frost is devoting 100% of his wages to charity, and is paying his own transport and accommodation where necessary. Anyone interested in offering an opportunity to work can contact or visit

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