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Lion cubs take first steps outside after lockdown

The cubs explored their surroundings at Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire.

A litter of five lion cubs have taken their first steps outside weeks after being born at Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire.

They were born nine weeks ago while the zoo was closed for lockdown, but are now able to explore their new paddock.

The five new arrivals mean the pride, led by mother Dakota and father Joco totals 13 lions.

The as-yet unnamed cubs, made up of four boys and one girl, have now had their first health checks and vaccinations.

Lions are usually fed large meals every four days to mimic wild hunting patterns.

However, mother Dakota is now receiving food five days out of every seven to ensure she has plenty of milk for the large litter.

Craig Lancaster, Woburn’s head of carnivores, said: “It is wonderful to welcome yet another litter of cubs to the Park, especially one as large as this one.”

“Dakota’s natural mothering instincts are brilliant and as this is her second litter she has settled into life as a mum again really well.”

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