Wednesday 20 November 2019

Let these adorable red panda triplets help ease your post-bank holiday blues

By Prudence Wade

Three’s a crowd, but a really cute one.

Chances are you had a relaxing and delightful four days off work, making the return to the grind feel pretty brutal. Don’t worry, because we’ve got the perfect antidote for you: baby red panda triplets.

That’s right: a red panda cub is cute enough, but we hope you’re prepared for the adorable overload that is three of them frolicking together.

There’s no doubt that the cubs are set to be stars, as they well and truly performed for the camera as they explored their sanctuary at Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia.

Symbio Wildlife Park

Three’s a handful :-)

They were born on Christmas Eve to parents Pabu and Kesari, and Symbio Wildlife Park says on its Facebook page: “These triplets provide a massive boost to the genetic preservation of a species that is struggling with a declining wild population, which is why captive breeding programs are so vital to their long term survival.”

It’s impossible for the four-month-old trio – called Mohan, Raj and Phinju – not to melt our stone-cold back-to-work hearts.

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