Sunday 22 April 2018

Let Jellybean the joey’s first journey out of the pouch bring some light into your life

She’s so pure.

(nanookbrent/Getty Images)
(nanookbrent/Getty Images)

By Kameron Virk

A joey’s first time out of its mother’s pouch can be a terrifying journey.

Eastern grey kangaroos weigh less than a gram when they’re born and, after climbing from the urogenital opening to the pouch, it takes around nine months before they’re ready to leave the pouch for short periods of time.

This was Jellybean, who lives at the Australian Reptile Park, on her first trip into the outside world.

Jellybean, one of our kangaroo joeys, ventured out of mum's pouch for the first time today and is loving hopping around and stretching those legs! You can meet Jellybean and her mum these school holidays in our free-range kangaroo area!

Posted by The Australian Reptile Park on Monday, July 3, 2017

Just look at the excitement – and it’s no wonder with a name like Jellybean. Clearly she got a little tired though.

It will take a while longer, at around nine months old, before Jellybean is ready to take extended trips out of the pouch, and she’ll still be suckling at that time.

At around 18 months joeys leave the pouch for good, so she’s got some time left to chill yet.

Let’s just hope every one of Jellybean’s trips are as exciting as her first.

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