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Leicester's giant banner has got everyone a bit confused


What could it mean?

Leicester City are playing their second Champions League match against Sevilla.

As the team are playing at home, fans are out in force – along with some pretty eye-catching banners. And by eye-catching, what we really mean is huge. Huge, and quite confusing.

Hard to miss, people soon started speculating who could be on the banner.

Was it the club’s new manager?

What about the owner, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha?

Some people thought the figure wasn’t actually related to football, but rather came from Game Of Thrones.

Or what about the mayor of Leicester?

Bored of guessing who was on it, some people thought it was just plain rubbish.

And then, someone finally came in with the answers.

There really is a lot you could read into it.

Shakespeare with a Shakespeare quote. Subtle, guys.

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