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Leaders back superhero charity day


Ruth Davidson has said she will don her Superman underwear to support a charitable cause

Ruth Davidson has said she will don her Superman underwear to support a charitable cause

Ruth Davidson has said she will don her Superman underwear to support a charitable cause

Some of Scotland's party leaders have revealed plans to don superhero pants and pyjamas in support of a charitable cause.

The leaders of all four main parties spoke out about their favourite childhood heroes - and their rather less conventional wardrobe additions - as they joined together to launch Bauer Scotland's Cash for Kids' superhero day.

Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said she would back the cause by wearing her Superman underwear while Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie joked that his Superman pyjamas help to keep him warm when out canvassing.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she would get even more done on the campaign trail if she had the powers of her childhood favourite, Wonder Woman.

The leaders spoke on Radio Clyde, Forth, Tay, Border, Westsound and MFR to urge listeners to support the cause, which works to help disabled and disadvantaged children.

People in nurseries, schools and workplaces are being encouraged to dust off their favourite outfits and dress up as superheroes on this year's superhero day, May 15, to raise funds for local children.

Backing the cause, Ms Davidson told the stations: "I'm supporting Cash for Kids' superhero day and for people listening at home you don't have to dress up as a superhero all the way through your work.

"You could do what I'm doing and I'm just wearing my Superman pants."

Quizzed on whether she would be sporting the garments outside her trousers, in the style of her favourite superhero, she joked: "I'm going to wear them inside my trousers because I don't think anybody needs to see that. This is about helping children, not scaring the entire populace."

Mr Rennie said it was important for everybody to do everything they can to support Cash for Kids.

"I myself have got superhero pyjamas, Superman pyjamas, that I wear particularly when it's cold out canvassing," he told the stations.

"It's really important that everybody does it in their own way. You don't have to dress up as a superhero as long as you commit to Cash for Kids."

Asked whether he would wear the nightwear under his clothes, he added: "Yes, but it was an option to wear them on top of my suit as well."

SNP leader Ms Sturgeon said she would not be donning a superhero outfit but did express a desire to have the powers of a superhero as she criss-crosses the country on the campaign trail.

She said: "Cash for Kids is a brilliant charity and I hope lots of folk dress up as their favourite superhero.

"I don't think I'll be dressing up but if I was to dress up it would be (as) Wonder Woman, who was my favourite superhero.

"If I could have the powers of Wonder Woman right now in the heat of a General Election campaign, I could get to so many more places across Scotland in a shorter space of time."

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy also expressed a wish for a superpower but admitted his wardrobe was lacking in both superhero underwear and nightwear.

He said: "I don't have Superman pyjamas, and unlike one of the others I don't have Superman pants, but it would be handy to kind of fly around the country from place to place.

"It's great that the four party leaders have come together to put aside their differences and support such a fantastic cause, so well done everyone at Cash for Kids."

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