Wednesday 13 November 2019

Labour MP has wheelie lucky escape

Labour MP John Mann drove 200 miles without wheel nuts on his car tyres
Labour MP John Mann drove 200 miles without wheel nuts on his car tyres

A Labour MP has had a lucky escape after driving 200 miles without wheel nuts on his car tyres.

John Mann drove from London to his Nottinghamshire constituency before making the discovery, when he found one of his car wheels had nearly fallen off as a result.

The Bassetlaw MP said he believed the incident was more likely to be as a result of an interrupted attempt at stealing the wheels rather than an attempt on his life.

The Metropolitan Police is investigating the incident.

The MP noted strange noises driving up the A1 but thought they were coming from the engine.

It was only at the end of his trip that he found his front wheels had been stripped of their wheel nuts plus all four locking nuts had been removed from each of his tyres.

The wheel hubs had been replaced to hide the theft.

Mr Mann said: "The consequences of this madness do not bear thinking about. I and others could easily have been killed. Nobody could have spotted that the wheel nuts had been removed, which makes the callous nature of the crime even worse."

The MP said he had found only registered garages had equipment which could remove locking wheel nuts but that there was the possibility that keys for such security systems could be reproduced. He called on motoring groups to audit their security devices as a result.

The incident comes after Nottinghamshire Police launched an investigation earlier this year after Mr Mann's wife Jo White, a Labour councillor, received a dead bird through the post.

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