Tuesday 24 October 2017

Labour broadcast mocks Clegg

Labour takes aim at Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg in its new broadcast
Labour takes aim at Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg in its new broadcast

Labour is attempting to win over voters by ridiculing Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in a party election broadcast spoofing classic sci-fi film the Incredible Shrinking Man.

In 1950s B-movie style, the campaign film depicts an increasingly cowed Liberal Democrat leader becoming smaller and smaller as he ditches his pledge on tuition fees and agrees to Tory demands on a raft of policy areas.

It brands him the "Un-credible Shrinking Man" and b y the end of the three minute 40 second video Mr Clegg is so tiny he is left naked and cowering behind a Lib Dem rosette while the bullying David Cameron character bribes him to fall in line with "choccie biccie" crumbs.

Labour says the election broadcast is a light-hearted attempt to make a serious point about the junior coalition party's role in "propping up" the Conservatives in government b ut Lib Dem party president Tim Farron branded it a "petty attack".

Party vice-chair Michael Dugher, Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, said: "You can't trust a word Nick Clegg says. Scratch the surface and Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have a record of broken promises and propping up the Tory-led Government.

"While the Lib Dems have been in power, they have helped to deliver a trebling of tuition fees, a tax cut for millionaires and the hated bedroom tax while hard-working families across Britain suffer a cost-of living crisis.

"People across Britain are all being let down by Clegg selling out to Cameron.

"Labour will be campaigning online and on the doorstep in every corner of the country to expose the Lib Dems' failures in office and to hold them to account for betrayal."

Mr Farron tweeted: " What Labour's petty attack ad, sorry PPB, tells me is they have no economic plan and nothing positive to say. Petty politics."

It will be shown on B BC 2 at 5.55pm, ITV1 at 6.25pm and on BBC 1 and Channel 5 at 6.55pm.

The Liberal Democrats said the broadcast showed Labour had "absolutely nothing to say" about the issues Britain is facing.

"This is not the election broadcast of a serious political party," a Lib Dem spokesman said.

"The Labour party clearly have absolutely nothing to say on the big issues facing the country.

"A better video would have been to apologise for mess they left the economy and the country in after 13 years in power.

"Or they could have made the case for Britain being in Europe and shown some guts by standing up to UKIP but they are missing in action again.

"Instead, they've chosen to attack the Liberal Democrats, who in Government, have rescued, repaired and reformed the broken economy Labour left behind; got more people into work than ever before; and cut taxes for over 24 million ordinary workers."

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