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LA Galaxy's home-made video of a Portland Timbers player is the saltiest thing ever


“What do you mean it looked like a dive? Bring me the video editor!”

Diving is a worldwide football issue, but at least in the United States it leads to great video content like this.

The Portland Timbers beat LA Galaxy 1-0 in the MLS fixture, but controversy reigned after the excellently named Jelle Van Damme was sent off for the Galaxy early on.

On both occasions Van Damme was booked, for fouls on David Guzman and Diego Chara, he had in fact not so much as touched either opponent – debate will no doubt continue, but it’s pretty clear what the Galaxy social media team thought.

Truly stunning work; it’s only a shame the Oscars passed by so recently – that didn’t stop USA striker Alex Morgan enjoying this masterpiece, however.

In fact, just about everyone was stunned – perhaps it was the references to Star Wars, Top Gun and the Matrix…

… or perhaps it was the levels of saltiness involved.

Things got a little playful when Portland Timbers responded with an attendance jibe.

But at the end of the day, it was all just a bit of harmless fun.

It’s our firm belief that social media teams should have their own league after incidents like these.

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