Sunday 22 April 2018

Just how savvy are Premier League footballers when it comes to buying cars?

By Max McLean

Who knows their cars, and who needs to start watching Top Gear?

Good footballers tend to earn lots of money – and with that money, they often like to buy a car or two. But just how good are they in the market?

The UK car-buying service,, has looked at some of the Premier League’s top earners this season to reveal who has made the best – and worst – decisions when it comes to their supercars.

Based on style, but mainly looking at depreciation and potential resale value, it’s time to find out who are the savviest spenders in the Premier League, and who… not so much.

Zlatan Ibramhimovic

Savvy stuff

Zlatan Ibrahimovic hasn’t had a bad season by any stretch, with 15 league goals so far in his first Premier League season – but how’s his choice of wheels?

The big man’s Porsche 918 Spyder shows that Ibrahimovic recognises a good deal when he sees it. His Porsche doubled in value as soon as he bought it, going from £625,000 to a cool £1.25 million, proving there are brains behind all that bravado.

Mesut Ozil

A wise investment

Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has been surprisingly quiet this season, with just five goals to his name, but it’s clear that his excellent vision extends to his car choices, with a practical yet stylish Mercedes G Class SUV.

Not only does this motor look good, it will hold almost 90% of its value after one year on the road – nice one Mesut.

Eden Hazard

Oh dear…

Eden Hazard looks back to his best this season, having helped Chelsea build a 10-point lead in the league with 11 league goals.

It seems that the midfielder could do with a one-on-one coaching session on sound investment though, as his Audi R8 is only set to retain 60.4% of its value (a £62,755 depreciation). Oh dear.

David de Gea

Super savings

David de Gea can lay claim to being one of Manchester United’s most influential players right now, with his reflex saves as important to Jose Mourinho as any goal.

And with Chevrolet sponsoring Manchester United, upon signing with the club, De Gea received a Chevrolet car – not a bad bonus, huh?

While some at the club choose to trade their Chevys in for a flashier model almost immediately, modest De Gea is often seen tootling around town in his Chevrolet Captiva. After one year, the Captiva loses more than 50% of its value – but De Gea didn’t pay a penny for it, did he? That man always seems to know how to save.

The full list of the Premier League’s savviest supercar spenders can be found here – all depreciation values are based on 2017 top of the range value and estimated value after 5,000 miles and 12 months.

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