Friday 14 December 2018

Just a bunch of trampolines causing absolute mayhem thanks to Storm Eleanor

The Met Office issued a yellow warning for wind.

Storm Eleanor (Jamie McGinnes, @Greenarmy77)
Storm Eleanor (Jamie McGinnes, @Greenarmy77)

By Maariyah Pathan

As previous storms in the UK and Ireland have shown, few objects are more susceptible to high winds than trampolines.

As gusts of up to 100mph were recorded during Storm Eleanor, people discovered trampolines in all sorts of places.

1. Here’s one that ended up on a road in Lincolnshire.

2. We applaud this lady’s positive spirit.

3. A community banded together to keep this trampoline grounded.

4. This man woke up to find someone else’s trampoline in his garden.

5. So did this lady.

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6. This trampoline in Hebburn, near Newcastle upon Tyne, travelled all the way to the doctors’ surgery.

7. Meanwhile, trampolines were also causing havoc on the UK’s rail network.

Keep those trampolines tied down, folks.

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