Friday 20 September 2019

Just 9 trees sucking on things

Nature’s wonders have peaked.

Trees sucking on things
Trees sucking on things

By Edd Dracott, Press Association

If you visit one of the more obscure corners of Reddit, you may stumble across a community dedicated to a truly wondrous natural phenomenon.

It’s called “TreesSuckingOnThings” and it details examples when trees have become one with the obstacles in the way of their growth – some of which can be quite amusing.

Here are nine examples of trees just having a good old guzzle on some stuff.

1. Some trees make gobstoppers out of boulders


2. For others it’s difficult to know what they’re sucking on

A tree sucking something orange

This shot was taken in Wauconda, Illinois, by Masun Jackson, who says that though it appears the tree is enjoying a half-time orange, it’s actually a sign.

“I’ve known this tree for many years and have seen its progress consuming this sign for a while,” Masun told the Press Association.

3. Some trees appear to have natural facial features

Every morning I drive past this cyclops tree sucking on this fence. from TreesSuckingOnThings

Reddit user dolphin_menace said he found the tree in Minnesota on his way to school.

“It makes me smile every time I see it,” he added.

4. Some are given a helping, human hand


Googly eyes make everything better – fine work from Redditor purblephoebe.

5. Some trees have ghastly sucker covered tentacles

Is this cannibalism? from TreesSuckingOnThings

“My first thought was that it looked like tree cannibalism,” said brave Redditor Attackmosphere.

They took the photo on holiday in Florida, and the plant has been identified as a strangler fig.

6. Some trees slurp on signs

Stop sign lollipop from TreesSuckingOnThings



They just won’t quit it.

7. Some slurp so hard they take the sign’s paint off

A cycling sign with paint coming off

8. Some like to wrap themselves round fences

A tree wrapped around a fence

This offering from Lake Vattern in Sweden is taking it easy with a helping fence to lean on.

“I always walk past that tree on my dog walks, and I’ve always loved that one,” said Reddit user Lekorv.

9. And some trees don’t like to gobble alone

Giving this bench the Lady and the Tramp treatment from TreesSuckingOnThings

This touching moment between two lovebirds was captured at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina.

“I was exploring the plantation gardens with my girlfriend when we discovered these trees enjoying a delicious bench,” said Reddit user JTcolt40.

The bench being eaten by trees

A truly touching moment.

If you’ve not had enough sweet tree content, check out TreesSuckingOnThings on Reddit.

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